Why is Candy Crush popular?

1. How to play simple

By 5-year-old children also understand Candy Crush: match three or more of the same candies, to form a horizontal or vertical row. Simple gameplay makes it easy to reach players. And when accessible, the game begins to attack you with quite sophisticated addictive skills.

2. Positive feedback

Dr. Kimberly Young, an expert in game addiction, said: “Positive feedback is the reason we get addicted to something.” In Candy Crush, when eating a candy row, there will be sentences like “Sweet” or “Delicious”, the animation is very lively. And this feedback is almost continuous. Each time, the brain releases the hormone dopamine (the hormone that makes motivation), stimulating you to continue playing. Feedback also makes you feel good at playing, helping to create a better sense of yourself.

3. Play with one hand

According to Tommy Palm – one of Candy Crush designers, the game is designed so that you can hold the phone vertically, instead of having to lay horizontal (like Angry Birds or some racing games). The buttons are also arranged so that the fingers, on one hand, can be reached. You can take out the game while eating, take the bus, or hide the phone under the desk. Convenience makes you play more games.

4. Candy! Lots of candy!

“Candy is a positive image, associated with the childhood of many people,” Tommy Palm said, “that helps bring a pleasant feeling when players look at the screen full of candy.” Moreover, when you see sweets, your brain releases dopamine. You will be excited when you see the candy on the screen.

5. Limit play

Have you ever seen “warm memories” because you can’t continue playing? The game is designed so that players don’t really feel satisfied. You will always want to continue playing.

Studies by Harvard and British Columbia have shown a psychological effect called hedonic adaptation (learn more here: http://spp.sagepub.com/content/4/5/563.short). In fact, in everyday life, we can see it, just don’t know how to call it. When you come into contact with something too often, even if it is interesting, you will gradually get bored. Candy Crush forces the player to stop after a certain amount of time, thereby helping the game not become bored. Moreover, taking a break like this makes you never feel tired.

Of course, if you want to continue playing right away, you can use real money to buy. This is how Candy Crush makes a profit from impatient people.

6. Wishing to clean things up

According to Dr. Tom Stafford, people have a desire to clean up, arrange everything in it, subconsciously. He said that because of taking advantage of this, Tetris was very successful. Candy goods are similar. You will feel a little satisfied every time you move a row.

7. Don’t let the players get too excited

Excitement is a strong emotion. It needs a lot of energy. Excited in extended time makes players tired and stressed. In addition, when you feel excited, you need a bigger stimulus to achieve the same level as before. Tommy Palm (one of Candy Crush’s designers) said that games only bring light excitement that will attract players longer.