What building games to play on your PC?

What building games to play on your PC?

Forge of Empires

With Forge of Empires, you will return to prehistoric times, become an emperor and have to run your kingdom. Build them strong and bring troops to fight for nearby areas. In the game you will have a land to control and build up gradually to create a powerful empire.

The game requires you to have an empire management, land planning and direction in building an empire as well as commanding soldiers when taking over other lands. In addition, there is also PvP mode in the game, you can challenge your friends to duel. Use your skills, soldiers, tactics to win.

Can you play the game at https://om.forgeofempires.com/foe/en/?

Dawn of Discovery

Dawn of Discovery, also known as Anno 1404, in the game your mission will mainly be to build, diplomacy, trade and protect your country. You can freely design the model of each house, park, amusement park, etc.

Construction is not as simple as other city management games, when deciding to create a building, gamer will witness the process of forming it from beginning to end. Imagine that you are observing the city from above, then abruptly lower the angle of view to see each worker rushing to build each wall, placing each of the large wooden beams to create the model. The magnificent church that you have just requested to build before is enough to see how attractive and authentic Anno 1404 is.

Although it is set in medieval Europe as the focal point, you can still develop your control into the Eastern mystical world. You will have to get used to the small villages instead of the magnificent Western cities, and perhaps, this new “taste” will make many players more interested.

Minimum configuration:

Operating System: Windows Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz or higher processor

Video card: 128 MB DirectX 9 compatible Video Card


Hard Drive: 6 GB of available hard drive space

Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10