Two stunning online racing game to try out in 2019

Two stunning online racing game to try out in 2019

Contrary to the MMORPG genre which is quite large in number, in recent years, PC game players who love MMO racing genre have little choice when the number of racing games is not limited. However, let’s check out 2 wonderful online racing games for PC below!

Forza Horizon 4

Following the success of Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon 4 still applies the old formula, genuine cars plus the open world, with more gameplay with diverse content. In this new version, Playground Games brings you to England with 4 seasons and 4 different gameplay styles, creating strange food for you to love speed.

Two stunning online racing game to try out in 2019

The open world of England in Forza Horizon 4 is the key point of the game. Four seasons of the year with straight lines in the countryside are the first things that fascinate the game, urging players to take the controller to control the McLaren Senna in the beginning to get familiar with the game.

Of course, besides the supercar, you have the chance to race off road, or unique modes integrated into the game, and the opening scene of Forza Horizon 4 perfectly describes what you experience in the game.

Project Cars 2

The impressive graphics suit of Project Cars 2 may make you mistake the game for everyone, but no, it is only for the fan racing game simulation.

Unlike the first part, something like a demo depicting the potential of Slightly Mad Studios’ super-realistic racing simulation game, the second part of the Project Cars series now lets you play a driver. With many different options for vehicles and tournaments, but with that, the game’s graphics are still something you must admire, especially when the game is installed on the most terrible computer systems at the present.