Two stunning offline game for PC you should not miss

Two stunning offline game for PC you should not miss

If you think September is a great month for the Gamer community, then October is the time we usually see all the top titles released, and 2017 – 2018 is no different. With the Xbox One X version set up in early November, promises to have bombs offline games or for PC appear with titles with 4k-rated graphics appreciated by Microsoft.

Gamer Community will share for you Top game offline or for PC with many genres. You can learn, explore and experience with your favorite game genre.

Extinction 2018

The game is a story from ancient times, the world is still at war. For generations, people fought each other for the land and the precious gold and silver while our true enemy had taken refuge in the distance. You will play as the last protector of the world, a warrior named Avil equipped with all the skills, speed and power to fight the endless wave of Ravenii and prevent fate worse. death: annihilation.


Still with the context based on episode 3 of the famous novel series by writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2035, The offline pc game community is promised to be extremely impressive as you can see in the short trailer below. Unlike the previous section, this time Artyom will have to lead a group of people to find new lands in the East, where nuclear war is not as devastating as the fictional Russia in the game.

In addition to the fascinating details, the new trailer at The Game Awards 2017 also revealed the official launch date of Metro: Exodus. Accordingly, the blockbuster of 4A Engine will be released on August 8, 2018 on all 3 versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Thus, Gamers only have to wait about 9 months to be able to experience this blockbuster.