Two cool strategy games you should not miss on your PC

Two cool strategy games you should not miss on your PC

Civilization IV

Like other games in the same series, Civilization IV is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to play the leader of a country, which starts only from a small spectrum built by migrants from 4,000 BC. According to the development and expansion process, the game will have more and more choices with a lot of infrastructure works, military projects, development in areas such as scientific research, art, religion, and a series of problems of a nation at that time. In addition, the game also allows you to build wonders around your country, and witness the birth of famous figures in history and bring your country many different benefits.

With Civilization IV, maybe in the first few turns you will see turns that make the game feel rather slow, but in later stages of development, things will become much more interesting, when there are more. activities you can embark on, such as diplomacy with neighboring countries, trade, support neighboring countries or even war with hostile nations.

Rise of Nations Gold Edition

This game has a territorial expansion that is quite similar to Civilization IV, but with real-time gameplay (RTS), only when out of the world map are turn-based (TBS). In Rise of Nations, you will expand the country by building cities and bases within the border area, unlocking upgrade trees and having more options to develop your territory. Residents in cities can be assigned to a certain task and will find the task to do when they are abandoned and not assigned any tasks. The game has 6 main resources: Food, wood, metal, oil, gold and knowledge – a quite strange resource, used to build researchers of new techniques.

Every country in the game can be played at any time in history. At Rise of Nations, the key to victory lies in the balance between the offensive and defensive forces, as well as between the military and the economy.