Top PC games for Halloween celebration

Top PC games for Halloween celebration

Halloween has been around the corner. Exciting enough? Anywhere you go, you may be experiencing the Halloween vibes. Since everything surrounding you has approached the theme for the celebration, then why do not you play your favorite related PC games? You can indeed celebrate Halloween this year in these titles, as well. Be ready to dive into the new chills. 

Below are some popular games that will surely add up more to the holiday vibes.


It is the list’s top for the most played games that have introduced the Halloween event-based theme. The event is called the horrors’ Survival Squad. It has a couple of brand-new costumes in it, including those of the scary nurse, the killer clown, and the mummy. You can buy the dresses using BP from the in-game store.

2. Fortnite

Fortnitemares have been available; here, the Cryptic cube will try and send monsters from the curved areas across the map. New weapons introduced include the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, etc. Spooky rewards are also present on challenges completion; say, a dance that takes place in front of the gargoyle.

3. World of Warcraft

The end of Hallow is introduced in this game for the holiday season. Here, the player picks up masks, candy, rewards, and the like. Another great thing in the game is the Hearthstone of Headless Horseman that adds an extra thrill to this game. 

4. Killing Floor 2

This Halloween, you may not be able to get enough of Killing floor 2. The haunted house map and the Ball of Monster are impressive. It is full of black-light graffiti and flamethrowers as part of Masquerade of Monster. There includes a spooky track that plays in the background; also, traps that the players can make use of for putting an end to the zombies.