Top 3 home-building games that worth playing of 2019

Top 3 home-building games that worth playing of 2019

In recent years, survival games have attracted more and more players thanks to a variety of attractive, varied gameplay. Let’s check out top 3 home-building survival games nowadays!


This is a popular game all over the world with a huge number of players. Although there is no graphics like the super products today, thanks to the survival gameplay combined between building an open world and using creative tactics, the game always has great attraction for players.

Through the round squares in the Minecraft, players will transform into characters to perform real-life tasks such as building houses, producing, manufacturing hunting weapons, fighting monsters.


It is impossible to say that with the sea theme, Raft is one of the best survival games in the current construction style. Players will have to incarnate a survivor of a carpet ship when they open their eyes to find themselves on a floating raft in an immense ocean with a fishing hook in hand.

Top 3 home-building games that worth playing of 2019

The player’s task is to use this hook to pull objects that are floating in the sea and then assemble into their bases. The biggest danger in the game is the fierce sharks are scratching you. Although space is limited when the life in the game only takes place on the raft, the game attracts many players based on unique and attractive gameplay.


This is a popular game for fans of survival building games. Come to the game, players will enjoy the world of random construction, gathering resources and using the crafting systems that the game provides. Besides exploring the vast tunnels, fighting monsters, you can build palaces. You can play Terraria on your own or with your friends. As a game that has debuted for a long time, Terraria still attracts a lot of players.