Top 3 best free online strategy games real-time for all

Top 3 best free online strategy games real-time for all

Nothing can put you beyond excitement as a real-time strategy (RTS) game does. This game genre requires much thought and good luck sometimes. Our list includes several games regarding the level of difficulty and gameplay mechanics. Therefore, these fantastic strategy games are perfect for even a first-time player to a seasoned gamer. Let’s check it out now!


Commander wanted! Let’s drive giant robots in these real-time strategy games! And, build your strong army of thousands of Fleas, move the mountains, and bury the enemy. Enjoy several hours playing single-player and multiplayer modes and have fun with the extensive selection of real-time AIs.

Use the survival mode while fighting against all alien hordes. Explore the mysterious galaxy and experience modern technologies applied. The real-time strategy games, such as Zero-K is also great for multi-players. Start ending up being keen on this design for a decade!


Strike Tactics is one of the best real-time strategy games combining the sci-fi world with challenging gameplay and beautiful graphics. Feature both PvE and PvP, here’s the way for players to improve their skills, enjoy the gameplay as well as test the skills compared with others in all real-time online battles. 

Control different units with particular weapons and abilities. The utilized traditional RTS elements will entertain the gamers for days. Vehicles to choose include mechanized walkers, hover tanks, and even huge battleships. Feel free to select yours.


The intriguing and relaxing real-time strategy games, including House Of Wolves, create the chance for you to build up striking settlers to collect essential materials and then build required structures. Wood and stone are needed to construct buildings, harvest rear chickens as food provision for your citizens.

After having established your underlying economy, pay all your attention to build troops. The reason is that you must defend your old settlement and then, fight against the dark creatures as mounted swordsmen and spearmen in the forest. The side-scrolling map helps you encounter new enemies and unlock new territories with ease.