Top 2 free survival games for PC that worth playing

Top 2 free survival games for PC that worth playing

You are a fan of survival games and are looking for a nice survival game to play but are afraid of having to spend money on licensing. To solve this problem, we would like to introduce you to 2 best free survival games for PC today.

Best survival game Ark: Survival Evolved

Those who have played through Ark: Survival Evolved have a common perception that the game is so beautiful. That’s right, the game graphics of Ark: Survival Evolved is so beautiful that you can’t believe these are images in the game.

Besides image quality, the content of Ark: Survival Evolved is also greatly appreciated. In the game, the player will be released into a vast environment full of dinosaurs. Here you will face erratic temperatures, dehydration, hunger and many other dangers. To survive, you need to gather weapons, build houses and tame those violent dinosaurs.

In particular, a very attractive point for Ark players: Survival Evolved is in the game, you can ride dinosaurs to fight enemies.

Top 2 free survival games for PC that worth playing

Sea survival game or Raft

Raft is one of the best multi-player survival games ever. Coming to Raft, players will have to incarnate into a survivor of the carpet wreck. This is when they open their eyes to find themselves on a floating raft in an immense ocean.

All they have is a fishing hook in hand. The player’s task is to use this hook to pull objects that are floating on the sea and then assemble into their bases. The biggest danger in the game is the fierce sharks are scratching you.

Although space is limited when life in the game only takes place on the raft, the game attracts many players based on unique and attractive gameplay.