Three stunning zombie survival games to try in 2019

Are you a fan of horror survival games and are looking for quality games to experience? If so, check out top 3 Zombie survival games of 2019


Not only in the Zombie field, but Dayz is also considered one of the best survival games today. This is considered the “big brother” in the zombie survival game genre.

Dayz gives players the authentic views of the human world in the doom. In the game, players will be delighted to see varied gameplay. You will transform into a kind person or evil villain who always bully and trample others. Players will have to explore the ruined world as rubble to collect what is left. Your task is to confront the challenges in the game as well as protect yourself from the Zombie.


Miscreated is a lonely and gloomy survival game. The player will start the game with a flashlight and then choose for themselves the necessary costumes, materials, and weapons. Your task is to fight against a chaotic world outside. In order to survive, you need to have for yourself the skills to explore, collect, build and fight with a whole bunch of mutant creatures and gamers who are sitting behind the computer.

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Zombie Watch

Coming to Zombie Watch, players will have to control the protagonist in a world full of zombies by collecting leftover resources around him. You will then proceed with the construction of the base and the materials needed to survive in the harsh world.

In addition, day and night elements also contribute to increase the tension in the game to give players the feeling of real loneliness in life that only exists fighting and death.

Above are three typical zombie survival game that worth trying. Hope you will have hours of enjoyment with these games!