The harm of online games for children

Affect health

According to statistics from the Cali Scientific Research Institute (USA), people who sit on computers regularly for more than 2 hours may suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure, vision loss, dry skin, wrinkles, and wrinkles. If you sit on the computer in the wrong position, there will also be many problems for your body, such as back pain, blurred vision, scoliosis … If you sit by the computer too 5 hours/day will cause mental, disease resistance, heart activity to be reduced at least 10%.

Online game players often interact with computers often without affecting health. Many people who sit too long in front of a computer have died.

Study downfall

One study showed that out of 10 students addicted to games, only 1/10 achieved average results in learning, the rest achieved below average results. This shows that online games greatly affect learning effectiveness. We all have only 24 hours a day. When you spend a lot of time with the game, the time spent studying will be cut.

Loss of communication ability

Although online games often support chat systems to chat or make friends online while playing games. But you don’t really communicate in it. All are virtual relationships. You also have less time to communicate with relatives in the home because the mind and time are focused on online games. You will not be able to practice communication skills because you are familiar with the abbreviations and communication languages ​​in the game.

Increasing social evils

Addictive online game. they make players forget themselves and other jobs in life need to be completed. Game addicts are always immersed in the space of the game. even they delusion that they are characters in the game, leading to the situation of forgetting to eat and forget to sleep, forgetting the purpose of learning, there are many cases of addicted to the game, you have dropped out of school, making your family worry.

Research shows that people who play video games are more likely to be obsessed and have neurological problems than those who don’t play games. Children often play games often difficult to control the psychological, difficult to integrate into society and if left long will become addicted to the game. They are often distracted, sleep is often interrupted, anxious, unprovoked anger, and obsessed.

Children who are passionate about violent games are often affected by these images and become more aggressive. They are more likely to become perpetrators or victims of violent acts in real life.

Some friends, because their parents do not give money to play games, many of them have stolen their parents ‘and friends’ money to support their interests. This is extremely dangerous, they will form bad habits, will gradually take illegal actions.

Stop at the right time

The game is essentially a recreational vehicle that helps players entertain in a healthy and comfortable way during their free time, after stressful lessons, or after hours of hard work.