Shooter game lovers should not miss these four game titles

Shooter game lovers should not miss these four game titles

With the names of shared shooter games below, you will feel there are some familiar and new, choose a game for yourself!

1. Battlefield

Battlefield is an action shooter game that is very popular to the lovers of this genre of game. In the game, you will be cast into a soldier and take part in battles to destroy the enemy. There are a number of units you participate in such as pioneers, logistic soldiers, tankers, etc. Each of them will experience different features.

2. Far Cry

Far Cry is a super blockbuster FPS genre released in 2012. With the main character Jason Brody, who is a lover of justice and want to protect the weak.

Experience Ubisoft‘s Far Cry, you can hunt, do missions, fight rebels with armies armed with heavy weapons. This offline shooter game has well-engineered 3D graphics, stunning effects, perfect gameplay, possessing a multi-character character system.

3. Halo 2

Halo 2 is a classic offline shooter game, in which you will travel through space. In this second version, the main character Master Chief possesses a lot of modern weapons, traveling through other planets to oppose the enemy to protect the last land.

4. Payday 2

When participating in Payday 2, you will be cast into a famous bandit, then lead the bandit. The screenplay in Payday 2 has a pretty detailed design. Your task is to remember the turn, walkway and room location, etc. to perform robbery in the most accurate and thorough way.

However, to make the robbery in Payday 2 not so simple, there are always security cameras, and many obstacles to face. If detected and the alarm sounded, you will confront the sniper police immediately.

You need to stay calm, take hostages, shoot dangerous men, find ways to make yourself safe. Try to win and complete the mission!