Seraphine disappoints gamers in League of Legends

Seraphine disappoints gamers in League of Legends

Despite its grand introduction, Seraphine’s biography has disappointed League of Legends fans.

League’s new champion Seraphine has become a hot topic in the community since the first details were revealed. Over the past few months, Seraphine has been hyped through a variety of media ranging from comic books to K / DA songs. This allows fans to follow her journey to become the final member on the K / DA album.

Even Seraphine is considered a general with an extremely magnificent introduction when Riot Games gives her a lot of social networking accounts. Seraphine’s everyday life and music writing images are also regularly posted and she is no different from real idols.

In addition to the extremely well-prepared and grandiose debut, Seraphine also became the first general in League of Legends history to own the Ultimate outfit as soon as she debuted, and even, her Ultimate outfit. she was expected to surpass the Ten Great Elemental Lux in her possession.

However, K / DA is known as another League of Legends universe. So when Seraphine’s story was released to the public, it was not well received. Compared to other generals, Seraphine was too lost in the League of Legends universe.

The biggest disadvantage of Seraphine is the lack of a real place in the world of Runeterra, the world in which most of League’s stories take place. Instead, her legend doesn’t have this.
Up until now, it seems that the universe Riot Games created could contain any kind of character, but Seraphine has proven that there is one type of character that can never be matched. . This year, Yone was presented with a stunning animation and Samira offers variety. So Seraphine’s addition to the League of Legends world must be impressive if you don’t want to be engulfed by the power of other champions. The upcoming K / DA event will be a stepping stone for Seraphine to enter the League of Legends world as part of the K / DA Universe.