Roadrash 2017 – the stunning offline racing game

Roadrash 2017 – the stunning offline racing game

If you are a fan of racing games, Roadrash is definitely worth a try!

RoadRash 2017 is a super cool offline racing game. In this game, you can not only race but also fight. If you are a fan of speed racing games, download this RoadRash racing game to try it out.

Riders will compete in illegal road races and must complete the play in the top 3 positions to get to the next level. The level of difficulty increases with the levels, the opponents run faster, fight harder and the tracks are longer and more dangerous.

The winner of each race is rewarded with a certain amount of money to buy better motorbikes that are necessary for the fierce race. The game ends if the player cannot pay for repairs when their motorbike is damaged, broken, or unable to pay a fine when caught.

In each stage, the racers not only have to fight with each other but must deal with the traffic police when they are determined to catch the riders.

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Besides high speed and large space, the game also attracts players with fighting elements. Players can battle other riders with a variety of weapons. They can use hand or kick with other riders causing them to dislodge, crash into obstacles in order to eliminate the battle round.

The first racer will start with just his or her limbs, or maybe take a weapon from another racer. There are many weapons such as batons, iron chains, binary sticks, daggers, etc. Players must pay attention to pedestrians and roadside obstacles to avoid crashing.

With RoadRash, you can download and play offline on PC with low or medium configuration.