Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Following Grand Theft Auto IV is GTA V version with many improvements that gives players a lot of surprises with image enhancements, enhanced resolution, physical systems, etc. In GTA V, there will be lots of impressive things to explore. New characters, along with optimized graphics and a more compelling story.

To make the game easier

In GTA V, you can also use GTA code to get things, ask for blood,… to make the task easier. However, there are many GTA codes that are hard to remember. These codes require players to remember and correctly enter a long and difficult string of characters. Therefore, many players come to how to enter GTA code quickly and accurately.


Players will play Niko Bellic, a veteran of the Eastern European war traveling to the United States and quickly falls into the heart of America’s organized criminals. The game allows personal play and multiplayer modes.

Grand Theft Auto V

Meanwhile, GTA Vice City mod with super car models simulating the blockbuster movie Fast and Furious. This is a cinematic experience that gives players new experiences. GTA Vice City Mod also adds some new features about the gameplay that combines racing genre and dramatic third-person shooter.

New features

Since Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of content to offer, and the game world is very large, there are many details in the game that may be misleading and many other details still need to be updated.

The patch has fixed bug, crash, and graphics errors and added new graphics. This version also made some bug fixes for multiplayer mode and video editor

Currently GTA has updated GTA V San Andreas version with the addition of new characters, many vehicles, places and new play spaces. Besides GTA V San Andreas also overcome many bugs in the previous version to bring many interesting experiences to the players.

Come enjoy it!