Enjoy Slither IO – An Addictive Strategy Game

Enjoy Slither IO – An Addictive Strategy Game

Slither IO is a PC game reminding you of the snake game prey on early Nokia phone versions. However, with Slither IO, this type of game has been upgraded on the big PC screen. With simple gameplay and cute graphics, the game offers many levels of play to give players more new experiences.

Your mission in Slither IO is to control a snake that moves in the play area and eats the prey with colorful dots. At first, you start with a short snake but the feeding process will make your snake grow longer. The more bait you eat, the longer the snake will increase. In addition to the PC version, the game also has an online version with similar gameplay. Different from epic strategy games like Empire, in this game, you will find everything simple.

To play slither IO on your computer, you must first download and install the game for your operating system, then play it with the simple controls. When playing slither, your task is to control the snake skillfully to eat as many dots as possible. The bigger the dot, the faster it moves and the harder it is to eat, but they will help you get more points and increase the length faster.

Enjoy Slither IO - An Addictive Strategy Game

In slither IO, you also have to avoid crashing into other snakes that are also hunting, because when you hit other snakes, your snake will crumble and the game is over. Below are some tips to play this simple but challenging game:

When you reach a certain length (usually over 100), press and hold the left mouse button to speed up. Do not hesitate to speed up when necessary.

At first, when you are still in the form of a short snake, you should only eat the colored beads and run away from other snakes.

Do not stab into another player, let them crash into you.