Best Online PC Games (Part 1)

Best Online PC Games (Part 1)

Many times we try hard to find online games of our taste. Be it for groceries, clothing, electronics, or other necessities, you go on and on, visiting one site and then another, attempting to find everything. Yet, not many sites ever work to have it all, do them? No worries, for those looking for PC games, you can visit our website as well as reading through the recommendations below. They will not disappoint you.

1. Pretentious Game 4

It has one plot which revolves around heartbreak and tragedy suffered by not only the brother but also the sister. Both of them have different strengths – say, the sister can jump high while the brother can move blocks. From the car accident to the hospital visit, the storyline is upsetting. Thanks to the earlier chapters, you will know the game better. Still, doing so is not a prerequisite. When you think you are capable of helping them fight past the obstacles as well as discovering their journey, get started! Good luck!

2. Tetris

With some versions of the game, it maintains the originality as well as being popular in the puzzle gaming genre. It asks you to manipulate the blocks that come from above your screen in the way that they produce a grid. You aim to form one perfect line on that grid. As soon as you manage to build the line, it will disappear, and you earn more space for making another grid. It is how this game goes on. The more networks you create, the higher the score. Yet, as you progress, the speed that the blocks fall increases. Hence, the game asks for reaction speed as well as intellect for making fast decisions as to the place to fit the block. You will enjoy it – we promise!