Become one of the top gamers in Vikings: War of Clans (part 3)

Become one of the top gamers in Vikings: War of Clans (part 3)

The Gods of Asgard

You can spend resources, or you can give up the gold. To obtain these resources, you would need to attack enemy kingdoms. You can’t take the help of any Clan member for the enhancement of Aesir powers. When you are enhancing the powers of a particular aesir, you cannot initiate the improvement of a second aesir. The aesir is divided into three elements – Earth, Fire, and Ice. For battling an aesir of a particular component, you need to use an aesir of an opposing element. Earth can fight Fire, Fire can fight Ice, and Ice can battle Earth.


This game uses an old Norse legend called Jotunheim. It is a fantasy world populated by the Giants. In the War of Clans game, it is depicted as a desolate and frozen world inhabited by dangerous animals and, of course, the Giants. Also, there is a two-day battle that takes place in Jotunheim. It is called the Battle for the Throne Competition. There is a personal competition as well as a competition between Clans. The prize catch of this competition is the Throne of Jotunheim. The Jarl, who can hold this throne for the longest cumulative time, gets to become the King of Jotunheim. Additionally, you also get points and other rewards for passing levels and for destroying your enemies. Killing Monsters and Slaughter in Jotunheim are two of the competitions you can participate in.


There are five categories of boosts, which can help you to upgrade your game stats for short periods. These categories are Military, Resources, Development, Heroes, and Favorites. Any activity that was being done before a particular boost will continue to provide outputs at the same rate as they had before the boost. But any activities begun after a boost is activated will continue to run at the enhanced rates even after the boost has been deactivated. You can activate more than one boost at the same time, and all of them will have cumulative durations. If you simultaneously activate a second boost for the same element, then the new percentage will replace the earlier one.


The beautiful graphics and a large number of variations and levels make War of Clans one Viking themed game that you can spend hours playing. You will enjoy this strategy game in which you play the role of a brave warrior. Even though it is similar to earlier games, yet it has enough attractions to keep you hooked.