Become one of the top gamers in Vikings: War of Clans (part 2)

Become one of the top gamers in Vikings: War of Clans (part 2)

Game Features:

It would help if you grew your area of control by defeating other players of the game and defending yourself from attacks by others. There are a number of buildings that you can build. Some of these are – Palace, Hero’s Abode, Oracle Building, etc. Your armies can have several types of soldiers. You can train mercenaries to fight for you. There are the standard archers, stalkers (spies), and cavalry units. You also have the option to train and arm shield maidens and demons. They, too, are willing to fight on your behalf. The leaders of your armies are called Heroes. There are progressively more exceptional skills that a Hero can possess. The arms used by the heroes can also be of better quality as you allocate more resources to research. The Forge will provide an increasingly better quality of weapons to your Heroes.

When you are playing the multiplayer version, you can join a particular Clan. The fellow warriors of your clan would have similar military and political goals. Your group can compete with others for Places of Powers. Your group will feature in the leader boards once it has accumulated enough points. You can also engage in PvP (player versus player) battles with other players from other clans. Let us look at a few aspects of this game that can help you become one of the top gamers playing this game.

The Gods of Asgard

The game has characters called Aesir, who are the Gods of Asgard. It would be best if you summoned these gods into the Sanctuary. When you use their powers and get their blessings, you will see their armies improving their strength. Your town’s development will also take place at a much faster rate. You can enhance the powers of Aesir in either of two ways