Become one of the top gamers in Vikings: War of Clans (part 1)

Become one of the top gamers in Vikings: War of Clans (part 1)

We tend to think of video games as setups where a player spends hours with his or her PC, playing the game endlessly across various levels. But with the spread of the internet, that might not necessarily be true. It is now possible for you to play with or against several other players in the same game. It is possible that the other players might be sitting miles away from you on a different game. These types of games are also referred to as MMO games. This stands for massively multiplayer online games. In the same game, there could be a large number of players playing simultaneously. There are a large number of MMOs available today. One such MMO game is Vikings: War of Clans. It was first published in 2015 by Plarium Games, based in Israel.

About War of Clans

This is a game created in 3D. It is a mix of a strategy game and a role-playing game (RPG). Apart from playing on your browser, you can also play it on both iOS and Android devices. The basic premise of this game is to create your empire. You need to build your base. This is done by gathering and managing resources. You need to make a strong army and defend your region from enemy attacks. You can also carry out attacks on surrounding areas. The more research you can do, the better your armies would become. Better research would also permit you to build better infrastructure. The same video game provider has brought out similar games earlier. War of Clans is a more polished and evolved version of those games.

Game Features:

You will love the high-quality graphics and sound in this game. You play the game as Jarl, a Viking. You have to develop Jarl’s Town and Jarl’s Palace.