5 most popular online games in Vietnam


Game online Audition is developed based on a famous comic in Korea. Then it was developed in a number of Asian countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, … currently, this game still has a strong foothold in the hearts of fans.

Players can buy fashion items for characters, listen to music tracks. Besides, players can participate in many easy-to-difficult jump modes. Audition has a new way of playing with mobile devices with eye-catching images. Audition on the mobile platform deserves to be at the top of the most worth playing games on mobile this year. It is attracting young people to participate.

Au Mobile

Currently Au mobile supports more than 5 types of dance has been customized compared to the original. Mobile version also requires you to listen to standard play so that you can reach Perfect for each jump. You can play by clicking on the circles on the touch screen.

Fashion Star

This game has beautiful graphics, cute character, and costume design, Fashion Star mobile game is attracting young people who love to join the fashion, manga/anime design games. The way of the game is quite simple. You will choose the outfit for the character to compare scores with NPC or other players.


Gunny is a gunshot of coordinates. This game has gentle and engaging gameplay. Players need to show their tactical and angular skills – the standard force in each shot. This game has attracted many female participants to experience


Quality hotsteps rushes with stunning 3D graphics. Hotsteps easily satisfy fastidious gamers. This game has an impressive character design. Fashion “warehouse” in the game has a lot of unique and beautiful costumes. Players can customize characters according to their preferences.