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Play SNAKE 3 online game for free

With sound and online high score. The snake feeds on eggs and animals...

The online game SNAKE 3 requires Adobe Shockwave Player.
If it is not installed on your system and not downloaded automatically,
you may download the player from the Adobe Website for free.
Please click the SNAKE III Logo to play now.

Play Snake 3 free online game

Use the arrow keys to navigate the snake. Depending on the level you choose, the snake will move fast or slowly. The higher the level (1 to 9), the more points you get for every bite. The snake feeds on eggs and animals. The animals score from double up to 10 times as much. But they won't wait forever for being eaten. And they are not digested entirely.... The snake should not eat its own heaps, this will bring you negative points. And please be careful: The eagle eats the snake, not reversely! The game is finished, whenever the snake tries to leave the field, bites itself, tries to eat the eagle, or fills out the field completely. Have a lot of fun!